VSP Frequently Asked Questions

The following visit options are available:

  • Viewing live surgery procedures and techniques for endoscopic knee, shoulder, hip and extremities; reconstruction knee and hip and trauma
  • Observing clinic sessions that provide diagnostic and surgical follow-up information
  • Gaining valuable insight into practices and challenges at other facilities
  • Learning from leading orthopedic surgeons and improving existing knowledge through “tips and pearls”
  • Gaining exposure to newer instruments, implant systems and surgical approaches
  • Participating in hands-on cadaveric labs to practice and perfect techniques
  • Attending dinner symposiums on dedicated topics, participating in case study discussions and sharing ideas on current techniques and strategies

Who can attend a VSP?
HCPs with a bona fide professional interest in the product or technique being shared
HCPs, such as surgeons, physician assistants and nurses, qualified to use the products being discussed

How long is a VSP?
US Hospital VSPs are typically one day but may be extended if there are pre-identified training objectives that cannot legitimately be achieved in one day.

Who pays for the travel and accommodations?
The Sales Department is responsible for travel and accommodation expenses incurred in connection with the VSP. Charges will be cross-charged to the respective cost center after the event.

What is the time frame for scheduling a VSP?
Registrations must be received at least three weeks prior to the VSP date if the hosting surgeon has an active contract. If there is not an active contract in place, it will be a minimum of six weeks.

Can my surgeon arrive early or extend his or her visit?
Travel arrival and departure dates should correspond with the agenda surrounding the event. If the surgeon requests to extend his or her visit, they must do so at their own expense by contacting the airline and hotel directly. Any changes to ground transportation are also at their own expense and discretion. Please consider the visit is for educational purposes, not for vacation with a day of education included.

Can my surgeon bring his or her spouse?
No. The focus of this visit must be on the training that the HCP is receiving. Smith+Nephew is paying for the HCP’s trip; if it turns into a vacation, it puts Smith+Nephew and the HCP at risk and raises questions about the legitimate need for the training. The restriction of spouses or guests also applies to the sales rep (employees and independent agents) accompanying the HCP attendee. Please remember that this is an educational meeting and that the focus is on the learning experience for the HCP attendee.

Can my surgeon arrange the visit with the hosting surgeon if they know one another?
No. Participation in the VSP Program must be coordinated through the Medical Education VSP Program Manager. If the two surgeons choose a date and arrange the visit, it is not a Smith+Nephew supported event, and we will not cover travel expenses or the hosting surgeon’s consulting fees.

Can my surgeon select the hotel he or she would like to stay in?
No. Smith+Nephew has negotiated medical rates at numerous frequently used hotels. Lodging must be modest and reasonable at a local business-class lodging and no more than a four-star hotel. It cannot be a resort.