The Short Stay Advanced Learning Program (ALP) combines a Smith & Nephew sponsored Visiting Surgeon Program with an Advanced Learning opportunity on outpatient joints.

Following the Smith & Nephew VSP event, the attending surgeon (and others from his group who are attending the ALP portion of the visit) have the option to attend a separate program conducted by the surgery training center. Participants will learn how to set up an outpatient total joint program in an ASC. The ALP portion of the visit is arranged and organized by the surgery center that is leading the training. Each ALP visit is set up independently from Smith and Nephew and gives the attending training center the opportunity to customize the agenda based on the learning needs of the visitors. If you want to know more about performing joint replacement with advanced protocols that allow for a 23-hour stay or less, in conjunction with Smith & Nephew products, please see a list of sites below.

Dr. Ritesh Shah
Illinois Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center
1714 Milwaukee Avenue
Glenview, IL

Dr. Michael Ast
Mercer County Surgery Center
3120 Princeton Pike 2D
Lawrenceville, NJ 08648
Products Used: JOURNEY II BCS, Verilast, and Visionaire TKA, Synergy and R3 THA

Dr. James Bresch
Illinois Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center
1714 Milwaukee Avenue
Glenview, IL
Products Used: JOURNEY II, JOURNEY Uni, Visionaire, Legion TKA

  1. Please note that the ALP portion of the visit is planned and sponsored by the hosting center. Smith and Nephew is not involved with the program details.
  2. There may be a fee by the hosting center for participation in the program. Payment accommodations are to be made directly to the center.
  3. Smith and Nephew personnel may accompany their surgeon + 1 additional HCP to the Smith & Nephew VSP sponsored portion of the event.
  4. Once the VSP portion of your visit is approved. Smith and Nephew will notify the hosting center of your request. They will contact you directly to make arrangements.