The Hospital Visiting Surgeon Program (VSP) is a uniquely designed ed­ucational experience offered to healthcare professionals (HCPs) to provide a very focused and world class training experience. HCPs will have the opportunity to learn about S+N arthroscopic, ENT, reconstruction or trauma procedures and product solutions. Each visit provides a customized agenda based on the individual educational requirements. Participation may include surgical and clinical preceptorships, dinner symposiums and cadaveric lab participation.

Virtual Visiting Surgeon Program (VVSP)
Due to COVID-19, medical education is offering digital education opportunities to effectively meet the ongoing needs of our surgeons and provide training through ease of access online programs. Peer to Peer calls including presentation and discussion surrounding S+N arthroscopic, ENT, reconstruction or trauma products and techniques, including tips and pearls as well as focus on clinical outcomes and data are available with many of our experienced surgeon faculty. Utilizing TEAMS platform, calls are typically between one and two hours.