Education Unlimited: The new Medical Education platform for healthcare professionals

Smith+Nephew has a rich history as a pioneer in medical education by delivering world-class content to healthcare professionals through a diverse array of methods, platforms and channels.

Join Education Unlimited to access Medical Education content online 24/7.

Education Unlimited is our new Learning Management System designed to deliver an immersive, customized e-learning experience using modules and pathways dedicated to the HCPs profile and needs – anytime and anywhere.

Now is the time tell your customers about

As a sales professional, you are the first point of contact with our customers. Education Unlimited will allow you to highlight Smith+Nephew as a medical education partner, offering tailored programs and solutions available anytime and anywhere. Education Unlimited will allow you to easily access and share educational content, clinical literature in support of our products, therapies and solutions.

It’s important to understand that today’s platform is Phase 1 of a longer journey towards a comprehensive digital experience.

Education Unlimited will be integrated into the new website very soon and together, will provide our global customers with a rich, engaging, and consistent user experience.

Experience Education Unlimited and share it!

We look forward to building this community with your help and hope that you take some time to experience the website to better understand what we are striving for. Please give it a test drive for yourself at share with your healthcare professional customers.

Education Unlimited brochures to Download and share with HCPs